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The statue of the "Dog Fido"

The statue of the Dog Fido, Borgo San Lorenzo, Mugello

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This little and singular monument is situated in Dante's square, near the Town Hall.

From the artistic point of view, it is not particularly noteworthy, but the story behind its building is very touching. As a matter of fact, it is told that this little dog was found wounded by Carlo Soriani in a ditch during a winter evening of 1941; the man decided to bring the dog home and to give it the name of "Fido".

Particularly devoted, the dog attended every morning its owner to the coach stop in Luco; and every evening Fido goes back to pick him up at the return from work.

On 30th December 1943, Borgo San Lorenzo was bombed by the Allies: among the many places also the “Fornaci” of Borgo San Lorenzo were shoot; many people died, among which Carlo Soriani.

That evening, Fido went to the bus stop, but it didn't find its owner. That occurrence didn't demoralized Fido, which every evening, for 14 years (more than 5,000 times), went to the bus stop waiting in vain for Carlo.

The amazing dedication of Fido impressed the mayor of Borgo San Lorenzo, who, on 9 November 1957, decided to give this dog a gold medal and, after, to erect a monument to pay it homage.

Few months after the inauguration, however, the statue in majolica was destroyed, so the city decided to replace it with a bronze-made one.

Fido died on 30th December 1958, fourteen years of vain expectancies, but also of emotional proof of friendship and loyalty.


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