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The Circuit of Mugello

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It's the Moto GP circuit most famous!

The owner of the circuit is Ferrari, that use it for test, during all the year. But the Mugello Circuit is famous for the amazing moto race of 125, 250 and 500. Constructed in 1974, the circuit of Scarperia is famous for the fast curves and the incredible slopes and the great prize of the Mugello is, by the way, always decisive in the classification of MotoGP.

The total length of the track is 5.245 metres, divided almost equally between straights and curves. The curves take up 48,5% of the total lenght of the track: there are 15 turns, 9 to the right and 6 to the left. The width of the track varies between 9,6 and 14 metres. The longest straight is in front of the pits and is 1.141 metres long. The circuit is situated at 292 metres above sea level and has a total variance in altitude of 41,19 metres.

Click on the turns on the track to see details of the circuit
Turn 9 - Arrabbiata 2 Turn 8 - Arrabbiata 1 Turns 6/7 - Casanova/Savelli Turn 5 - Borgo San Lorenzo Turn 3 - Poggio Secco Turn 2 - Luco Turn 1 - San Donato Turn 15 - Bucine Turn 13/14 - Biondetti 1/2 Turn 12 - Correntaio Turn 11 - Palagio Turn 10 - Scarperia Traguardo

Read more about the Mugello circuit:

  • The history of the Mugello Circuit: Immediatly before the first world war, began the history of mugello road race. Taken on civil road, a "track" of 66 km from Scarperia uphill to Firenzuola, and across the Futa Pass downhill San Piero a Sieve and Scarperia. The increasing popularity of the race, came interrupt by the introduction of "Mille miglia", that reduce the Mugello competition from 66 km to 19 km. By the end of Mille miglia, in 1960, on the wave of road race, the Mugello competition restore his original lenght of 66 km. The success during the sixties, although some "great absent" like Ferrari, comes from the amazing track; that runs over the tuscan's hills which offers to the race's fans spectacular duel. The Passion that have signed the history of this race since 20's, creating myth, by living again after the Mille miglia, made finally a dream come true; so the begging of 70's hosts the born of defenitily Mugello circuit, and a Ferrari restyling in 1974 gave his actually aspect. Mugello is used as testing circuit due to the 50 meters of altitude difference along the track, offering a comprehensive stressing test for the main car and motorbike team.
  • Pole Position and Course Records
  • Maps of the Circuit
  • The 15 turns
  • Valentino Rossi

Some days is possible to drive in this beautiful circuit.

To get more informations: Autodromo del Mugello - via Senni, 15 - Scarperia (Florence)
Tel./fax.: 055 / 8499111 - 8499251
Length: 5.245 metri
Official Website: http://www.mugellocircuit.it


Valentino Rossi during a race.


Mugello: the green rolling hills surrounding Florence offer many resources not only for nature lovers, but also for people who love sport, shopping and engines. All this in a single and beautiful land.