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Transportations in Mugello

Do you want to move from a town to another but you don't know how to do it? This is undoubtely the page with the information you are looking for. Read also: arriving in Mugello

Mugello is a rather limited area, and this is a positive, important characteristic but sometimes it has negative aspects: in fact, when there aren't particular events, it is simple a rather fast to move from a town to another, but when there is for example the International Motor-cycling Championship, almost all the district in Mugello in particularly Scarperia, are paralysed for the traffic.

In any case, the means of transport are principally two: Train and Buses.


If you are in one of the towns which have a train station, this is surely a rapid and cheap solution. In Mugello you will find train stations in:

  • Borgo San Lorenzo: the train station is in viale della Repubblica n°5, the telephone number is (+39)055/8457.408. There is also a ticket office, but it is open only in the morning from 6:30 to 13:00 in working days, otherwise you can find the tickets in the newsstands, or in the other shops near the station.
  • Marradi and Palazzuolo: This station is in via Talenti, there is not a ticket office but it is possible to buy tickets in the shops around the station or at the self-service machine, in the station.
  • San Piero a Sieve: This station is in via Provinciale and there is not a ticket office. You can buy tickets in the shops near the station, or buy them at the self-service machine in the waiting room of the station.
  • Vaglia: The station in Vaglia is in p.zza delle Scuole and has not a ticket office, even a self-service machine, but it is possible to buy tickets in the shops near the station.
  • Vicchio: The station is in via della Repubblica, there isn't a ticket office but you can buy tickets at the self-service machine, or in the shops near the station.

To buy train ticket you can also go to travel agencies.


Public transportation in Mugello is entrusted to three companies: AUTOLINEE CAP, SITA, and FLORENTIA BUS. Each of these three companies travels on different areas of Mugello, so it is better for you to ask information. Tickets are sold in: bars, tabacconists, or newspaper kiosks. ATTENTION: control the opening hours of these shops and if possible, buy the ticket always the day before you trip, so you will not have bad surprises if a shop is closed when you want to leave.

A note of colour

Till not many years ago in Mugello was used a mean of trasportation called "taxi sharing": in the stations, markets, or wherever there where a lot of people together, there were particular persons, nowadays disappeared, who were called the "hireri". With their vehicle, they took groups of people where they wanted to go. Today this service is completely disappeared for the growing number of private means of transport, this figure is no more useful, but in some towns it is probable that someone is still doing this work: ask about it in town but pay attention to the fees!

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Mugello: the green rolling hills surrounding Florence offer many resources not only for nature lovers, but also for people who love sport, shopping and engines. All this in a single and beautiful land.