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Vaglia, Mugello, TuscanyVAGLIA: The district of Vaglia has been inhabited from the antiquity by Ligurian populations and then by the Etruscans. The first inhabited place has developed in Christian age around the Pieve, cited in a document of the 10th century. Till the 14th century, Vaglia was governed by the Bishop and then it passed under the jurisdiction of Florence. After a long period of altern vicissitudes, from the 18th century, with the recovery of Tuscan Gran Duchy, Vaglia had a positive period, thanks to the construction of the Regia Postale Bolognese, the road which sostituded the old one passing trough Monte Morello.

In the past century, as it has happened in many other districts, Vaglia was completely destroyed by the war and then rebuilt.

Vaglia is the first district of Mugello, coming from Florence along via Bolognese. There are a lot of interesting things to see, first of all Villa Demidoff, which offers the possibility of spending a day walking in the open air and admiring sculptures, buildings and fountains in the park: particularly beautiful is the Fountain of the Appennino. You cannot loose also the Convent of Monte Senario, on a hilltop which divides Val di Sieve from Val d'Arno, from there you can practically see the entire Mugello.

As the other districts, in Vaglia there are a great number of festivals and events above all in spring and summer: they are advertised on the papers; you can find them also in Florence. There is an embarassingly wide choice, but we are sure the result will be satisfying!


Mugello: the green rolling hills surrounding Florence offer many resources not only for nature lovers, but also for people who love sport, shopping and engines. All this in a single and beautiful land.