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Events, Festivals and Markets in Mugello

Discover the festivals of the greenest valley in Tuscany! Here below we suggest you a list of principal events in Mugello throughout the year.

You can easily find typical events both in Summer and in Winter months: it's up to you to choose your favourite time to spend your holiday in Mugello!

Events, Festivals and Markets in Barberino di Mugello

Lake & Sky: this event point the attention on the most beautiful element of the Lake Bilancino and offers the possibility to spend a relaxing day in the open air, tasting typical dishes. In the first week of May.
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Cantà Maggio: this traditional event is held on the last week of May and it's characterized by games for the assignment of the Palio and evenings of entertainment organized by the various districts.

Fireworks on Lake Bilancino: this is an unforgettable show on Lake Bilancino's banks, in the magical atmosphere of a midsummer night. The 15th of August night.
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Weekly Market: every Saturday morning

Events, Festivals and Markets in Borgo San Lorenzo

Il Pane in pappa Festival

Events in Borgo San Lorenzo

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Carnival: For children happiness, in piazza Dante from 15 o'clock until the sun goes down, there is a parade of allegorical floats. Three Carnival Sundays and Shrove Tuesday.
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Live the sport: at Foro Boario, a manifestation where sporting people can exhibit and promote their favourite sport. Go and try archering or observe people playing chess! In the last weekend of May.
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Mugello Marathon: it starts the third week of September from Borgo town center and it is the older international marathon in Italy.
Phone +39 055 8457277

Agricultural market: this market is specialized in agricultural products and it is held at Foro Boario, during the second week of June (from Thursday to Sunday).
Phone (+39) 055 849661

San Lorenzo Festivals: starting from the first days of August there are many events to celebrate the Saint Patron. Find in town the advertising leaflets!
Phone: (+39) 055849661

White truffles exhibition market: on Saturday and Sunday of the third week of November there is this exhibition market with one of the most highly esteemed typical product in Mugello: white truffle.
Address: Villa Pecori Giraldi, Borgo S. Lorenzo.
Phone: (+39) 055 849661 - (+39) 055 8456230

Agricultural Market

Events in Borgo San Lorenzo

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Weekly Market: every Tuesday morning.

Events, Festivals and Markets in Dicomano

Archeological Nights: starting from contemporary, fragments of life of the Etruscan civilization that lived in Frascole are retraced. For the occasion, the municipality of Dicomano organizes an Etruscan dinner, with dishes based on local typical products, cooked in the manner of Velasna, the Etruscan family which lived in San Martino in Frascole. In the first week of the month of juli.

For more information:

Culture Office of Dicomano: +39-055.8385408

Festival of Peanuts and Pancakes: on the occasion of St. Joseph anniversary, the municipality of Dicomano in collaboration with the Pro Loco organizes the Festival of Peanuts and Pancakes. Many stands with: pancakes, peanuts, chips, ciaccias, sandwiches, wine, plants and flowers. For all children: babydance, face painting, carnival songs and trains!

 Antique Market: second-hand market, antique market, crafts market and collecting market that take place in Dante Alighieri Street every third Sunday of the month.

Beer and Bardiccio Festival: the Bardiccio is a typical sausage linked to the Florentine Mountain. The cooking is typical grilled, or stewer, redone with tomatoes, but it's very versatile and can be used in many recipes, from risotto to stuffed roast. Dicomano "celebrates" it in November with rivers of beer and lots of appetizing recipes!

For more information:


Rificolonata: Dicomano celebrates the traditional festival of Rificolona with parades of floats, lanterns through the streets of the town and the final prizegiving of the winning districts. Every year the theme of the parade floats changes, and the various districts challenge according to the inventiveness! The Rificolonata takes place every September 7th, from 9 p.m. departing from the church of Santa Maria.

For more information:


 May Fair:  every year, in the first days of May, there is the May Fair, or Feast of the Campaign, which has as protagonists crafts, agriculture and farm animals. The fair is even more exciting thanks to performances and entertainment.

October Fair: every year, on October 6th, 9th, 10th, Dicomano organizes the fair of goods and livestock. Possibility to buy and taste chestnuts, almonds, walnuts and many other small fruits. Demonstrations of the ancient trades of the town, performances with music, market of works and historical procession of Dicomano, with its flag-wavers. There will also be the chance to taste local products and wine at the various gastronomic stands, admiring the parades of the participants of the town.

Events, Festivals and Markets in Firenzuola

Festival of the Mousseron Mushroom: don't miss the chance to taste this typical tuscan dish, mousseron mushroom: last weekend of May and first of June, Firenzuola town center.
Phone: (+39) 055819617 - (+39) 0558199434-5

From Wood and from Stone. Chestnuts and artcraft Exhibition Market: take this chance to see amazing local artcraft product in pietra serena, tasting typical dishes with chestnuts.In October.
Phone: (+39) 0558199459

Weekly market: every Monday, all day long.

Events, Festivals and Markets in Marradi

Golden grating: Go and see parades, water games, dancing and singing competition among the districts to conquer the golden grating. In the last week of July and the first of August.
Phone: (+39) 055 8045170

Festival of the chestnuts: you will taste delicious tuscan dishes with chestnuts, in the pleasing atmosphere of Marradi. In this period the town is connected with the main tuscan and emilian cities by steamtrains.
Every Sundays in October.

Festival of the chestnuts, Marradi

Events in Marradi

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For information: Phone (+39) 055 8045005 - (+39) 055 8045170
 Phone (+39) 055 8045005 - (+39) 055 8045170
 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Christmas Market:

Surrounded by the Apennine snow, you can visit the typical Christmas markets in Marradi in the first two Sundays of December. You can buy Christmas presents walking throught the town center, or you can take the Santa Claus's sledge!

Visitors will find music concerts, street artists performances and a special little choo-choo train that will lead them from Florence to Marradi.

Here all the people use to get warmed eating the delicious, typical polenta (cornmeal mush) with ragù (meat sauce), bruschette (toasted bread seasoned with oil and sliced tomatoes) and chestnuts.
In addition, the several stalls will offer handmade products and many Christmas gift ideas. Here children will have the chance to meet Santa Claus, visit his house, talk to him and give him their letters!

Other Christmas markets in Mugello: Palazzuolo sul Senio.

Phone: (+39) 055 8045005 - (+39) 055 8045170
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Weekly market: every Monday morning.

Events, Festivals and Markets in Palazzuolo sul Senio

Middle Ages at Ubaldini's Court: in the last weekend of the third and fourth week of July, this event recreates the medieval atmosphere of the Ubaldini's period, to culminate with the celebration of Palio della Catapulta.
Phone: (+ 39) 055 8046685 - (+39) 055 8046750

Typical products of tuscan-emilian Appennine Exhibition Market: as the summer comes, what is better than enjoy delicious products of the biological farms in a town soaked with green? Every Sundays in June.
Phone: (+39) 055 8046008

October in Palazzuolo. Festival of chestnuts and typical products: this festival of chestnuts and natural wood and undergrowth products is held every Sunday of October in Palazzuolo, surrounded by folkloristical performances.
Phone: (+39) 0558046008

Christmas in Palazzuolo sul Senio

The Magical Advent: from December 1st to 22nd.

In the heart of High Mugello, tourists will walk the streets of the historical centre while singing Christmas songs, marvelling at the traditional and innovative nativities of the “One thousand nativities” itinerary in Palazzuolo sul Senio. In Piazza dell'Avvento (Piazza IV Novembre), you will find stalls with Christmas decorations, nativities, coloured balls, arrangements, candles, etc.

In addition, children will also find Santa Claus Hut, where they will have the chance to talk to him and ask for their gifts.

“Village of 1000 Nativities”: from December 8th to January 6th

Palazzuolo is also the “Village of 1000 Nativities”: you will have the opportunity to marvel at many creations through an itinerary crossing the most beautiful corners of the village. This event is a cultural-tourist itinerary crossing the whole village, which is dedicated to the old tradition of nativity. Also, a competition for the most beautiful and rated nativity will be held on this occasion.

The fireworks and the lights usually take place the last day of Christmas markets.

Other Christmas markets in Mugello: Marradi.

Weekly market: every Saturday morning of the year.


Events, Festivals and Markets in Pontassieve

Fried Festival: the event takes place at the restaurant of the Croce Azzurra in Sieci, suburb of Pontassieve, with a menu of meat and fish dishes, main courses and traditional specialties. In the month of April. For information: 055-8309611

Toscanello d'Oro

Events in Borgo San Lorenzo

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Toscanello d'Oro: it's a traditional festival that takes place in the historical center of the town. Four days to the discovery of the Valdisieve good wine, but not only! In fact, in addition to wine you have the possibility to taste local specialties, listen to good music, participate to cultural performances, free exhibitions and books presentations. In the month of May. For information: 055-8323103

Palio della Botte: on the occasion of the Patron Saint Michael the Archangel, this event full of fun and tradition is held; the Palio is composed of four proves: sake race, bowling, race on the bricks and dance on the newspapers. At the end of September.

 Novel Oil and Wine Festival: two days entirely dedicated to the new oil and the novel wine of the area. To appreciate better the quality of these products, there are various stands for tasting olive oil, wine, mulled wine, roast chestnuts and grape bread. In addition, many performances to make more pleasant the festival. In the month of November. For information: 055-8360236

Christmas in Santa Brigida: over Christmas, the Live Nativity Scene is organized in Santa Brigida, a suburb of Pontassieve: it consists of 50 figures placed in a picturesque setting with trick of light and music. For information: 055-8300021

Events, Festivals and Markets in San Piero a Sieve

Spring Festival: at the beginning of May, the Festival-Area of San Piero a Sieve hosts this festival, characterized by a market with gastronomic stands, music and folk songs.

Palio della Fortezza - Festa del Regolo: in the last weekend of May the districts compete in ability and bravery.
Phone: (+ 39) 055 848751

Little Festival of Trebbio: during the first weekend of July there is a local gastronomic and artcraft exhibition market in Trebbio Castle.
Phone: (+39) 055 848751

Epiphany Train and Tombola: January 6th.
The Befana arrives aboard an old steam train at the station of San Piero a Sieve. Guests are welcomed with a tasty snack and the children will receive a stocking full of candy. In the afternoon, as usual, there will be a tombola festival with prizes up for grabs offered by traders.

Weekly market: every Saturday afternoon. There is also an antique trade market every first Sunday of the month.

Events, Festivals and Markets in Scarperia

Collectors in piazza: From January 5th to December 21st.
Exchange event of antiques, second hand and collecting objects, numismatics and stamp collecting. About 60 exhibitors will meet on the first Sunday of each month at this fantastic exchange event. Don't miss it if you are a fan of collectors' items and antiques!

Steak Festival: two weekends in March.
For two weekends, at the sports field, you can taste traditional Tuscan specialties including: T-bone steak, grilled meat and ravioli del Mugello.

Tortello Festival: from the end of March to the first days of April. The ancient hamlet will offer a tasty gourmet weekend dedicated to tortello at the Mcl Club.

Exhibition of Castel S. Barnaba flag-wavers: at the beginning of May, the flag-wavers of Castel S. Barnaba perform in Piazza dei Vicari, accompanied later by Renaissance dances.

lnfiorata in Scarperia: in the last Sunday af May Scarperia's streets are covered with petals of flowers, composing wonderful pictures, depending on the theme decided from year to year. In the town center, last Sunday of May.
Phone: (+39) 055 8468165 - (+ 39) 055 843161
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The Palio of Diotto

Palio del Diotto, Scarperia, Mugello

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Mondial Motor-cycling Championship - International Autodome of Mugello: an event which gathers people from all over the world: don't miss it if you love the strong emotions of motor-cycling.
Phone: (+ 39) 055 8499111
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Strawberry Festival: on this occasion the protagonist is the strawberry, but the proposed menu offers also tortelli and grilled meat, as well as many other typical dishes of the area. In addition, good music will make the event even more enjoyable. In the characteristic suburb of Sant'Agata, near Scarperia; in the month of June.

For information:
Phone: 338 2248989

The Palio of Diotto: in the anniversary of town foundation there are the Celabrations of Diotto, with competitions for the conquest of the Palio del Diotto. This manifestation is held during the first week of september; the first Sunday of the month is the "Reinassance Day": Scarperia assumes the atmosphere and the appearance of the time of its foundation, thanks to the great number of figurantes who animate the celebration.

Read more about the Palio of Diotto.

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Enogastronomical Festival in Mugello: Palazzo dei Vicari, Scarperia, it is a nice occasion to taste and buy local products. In the first week of April.
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Infiorata in Scarperia


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Knives Irons Exhibition Market: In June, in the amazing atmosphere of Palazzo dei Vicari, there is this exhibition market with the most famous artcraft objects in Scarperia.
Phone: (+39) 055 8468165
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Celebration of Santa Maria a Fagna: in Ferragosto and the days before there is a celebration in the church of S. Maria a Fagna where you can be a part of the town life, you can also stop there for dinner and eat excellent dishes.
Phone: (+39) 0558468165

Weekly market: every Friday morning. Every first Sunday of the month there is also an antique trade market.


Events, Festivals and Markets in Vaglia

Befana's train: on the 6th of January Befana's train starts from Santa Maria Novella train station in Florence. This is a steamtrain which arrives in Vaglia: live this new experience!
Phone: (+39) 055 845271

Festival of the schiacciata: in Bivigliano, a division of Vaglia, there is this festival in the second weekend of October, celebrating one of the most typical product: schiacciata. Try it sweet or saulty!
Phone: (+39) 055 500241

Festival of the chestnuts: a tasty opportunity to eat delicious local chestnuts. In October, Bivigliano.
Phone: (+39) 055500241

Weekly market: in Bivigliano, every Wednesday morning.

Events, Festivals and Markets in Vicchio

Mangialonga: For the ones who love nature and good food, a wonderful walk organized on the end of August. You can choose among different levels of difficulty and along the way there are refreshment places distributing local products.
Phone: 0558439220
Fax: 055844275
Web: www.comune.vicchio.fi.it

Hot Festival and Exhibition of four A: Artcraft, Antique trade, Art, Agriculture: this festival is a good opportunity to admire the four A in Mugello. Between the last days of August and the firsts of September.
Phone: (+ 39) 055 843921
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M.A.Z.E. Artcraft Exhibition Market: together with the Hot Festival in Vicchio there is also this interesting exposition.
Phone: (+ 39) 055 843921
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Weekly Market: every Thursday morning.


Mugello: the green rolling hills surrounding Florence offer many resources not only for nature lovers, but also for people who love sport, shopping and engines. All this in a single and beautiful land.