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Wind: 12.87 km/h

The Weather in Mugello

Autumn in Mugello

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Mugello lies on the slope of the tuscan-emilian Apennine, in the north of Florence. Towns in this valley are all situated on hills, some of them along water-courses. The valley is surrounded by mountains and it is too far from the coasts to benefit the mitigation of the see, so the weather is continental: cold in winter and very hot in summer.

The coldest months are JANUARY and FEBRUARY, when the average temperatures in day-time reach a maximum of 10°C and in the night they are constantly under zero. During the first months of the year, it rains almost frequently, but the sunny days are wonderful and clear.

From MARCH to the middle of MAY, temperatures start to rise constantly and become definitely nice in the day (15-20°C and more), but in the night it's still cold. The days begin drawing out and it is the best moment to organize nice trips, with relaxing stops on a wonderful grass on a hilltop. But you must be a little bit lucky, because unfortunatelly spring in Mugello can be "boring": during these months in fact sunny days are wonderful, but it also may rain and these periods are long and muggy.

Winter in Mugello

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With JUNE usually arrives the summer: temperatures in day-time exceed constantly 25°C and at night the thermometer rarely goes under 15°C. Mugello become animated with festivals and events, and you will certainly find a great number of people taking shelter from the heat along rivers, on the Lake Bilancino's banks or in the swimming pools. In this periods it rains rarely and the best moment of the day is dinner-time: enjoy yourself looking for the freshest festival !
SEPTEMBER and OCTOBER are the autumnal months, even if the first half of september it is still rather warm: in day-time there are at least 20°C and in the night the temperature goes under 15°C. Mugello becomes a fascinating golden craddle, in this period you can easily notice how medieval architecture naturally blends with the landscape, without breaking its harmony. But, in autumn it begins to rain frequently, the air becomes wet and the first cold arrives.
From NOVEMBER the temperatures go definitely down, announcing the winter: day-time is short and it often rains, temperatures in the day don't exceed 15°C and in the night the thermometer drop to zero.
In DECEMBER don't loose the landscape of sunny mornings: trees branches are white for "calaverna" (or "galaverna", a coat of ice which lies on trees at night) and in distance you can see mountains covered with the first snow.


Mugello: the green rolling hills surrounding Florence offer many resources not only for nature lovers, but also for people who love sport, shopping and engines. All this in a single and beautiful land.