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Places to Visit in Vicchio

In Vicchio were born at least two important person for the italian culture, Giotto and Beato Angelico, so it is worth going to visit it. In this page we propose a short list of some of the most interesting places to visit in this district.

The building was initially built in the 14th century as a church, but after restructuration and enlargement works it became in 1785 a pieve. Inside, there are paintings and frescoes, among them there is a "Madonna of the Rosary" attributed to a scholar of Ghirlandaio.

This church was founded during the 16th century. It has a great artistical value because inside it conserves a huge fresco of Giotto's school representing the "Madonna with child and S. Caterina", but it is more famous to be the place where Don Lorenzo Milani lived and founded his school, his body lies in the graveyard of his church.

This pieve was probably built before the year 1000, but it was deeply renovated after the eartquake which upset Mugello in 1919. It mantains the ancient original structure and inside, it is interesting, in the apse, a refined bas-relief in stone of the 15th century.

Giotto's birthplace

Giotto's birthplace, Vicchio, Mugello

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Giotto's birthplace, Vicchio, Mugello

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Giotto's birthplace is situated near the church of S. Martino a Vespignano, today there is a permanent exhibition of Giotto's works reproduced in chronological order. The structure was renovated in 1987, for the damages of 1919.

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