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Quality of life in Mugello

The elements which contributes to rise or drop the quality of life of a person or a community are a great number and they are closely connected: physical and economical welfare, connected with the public assistence and the possiblities of development of a group; the wholesomeness of the environment, linked to the quality of air and food, every form of pollution etc.; social interactions that is the social cohesion; cultural activity, which often creates the oppotunity for meetings and active exchange of experiences, ideas and opinions.

Since a few years Mugello is evolving rapidly and many of the listed elements (which are not the only important elements to valuate the quality of life in a community) varied and still vary so rapidly that it is difficult to describe clearly the prestent situation.

On the whole, it can be said that Mugello has a rather high level of quality of life, thanks to its natural resources, to the sustainable race, heritage of the far rural tradition, to the strong cohesion among the inhabitants, to the cultural tradition of this land, which attracts a lot of people, who move from the city, searching for a healthier and safer place to live.

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Mugello: the green rolling hills surrounding Florence offer many resources not only for nature lovers, but also for people who love sport, shopping and engines. All this in a single and beautiful land.