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The Castle of Cafaggiolo

The Castle of Cafaggiolo, Barcerino di Mugello, Mugello

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The Castle of Cafaggiolo was a Medicean residence, used by the powerful tuscan family to give parties, balls and to receive illustrious guests. Originally it was a little fortress, with two towers, drawbridge, boundary walls and moats, unfortunately today it doesn't remain much of these structures, maybe because of the renovations done by the bourgeous princes, who bought the castle in 1864.

This Castle represents one of the great masterpieces of Renaissance architecture.

The original building dates back to 4th century, when it was a fort of Florentine Republic. It was changed by Michelozzo in a residence in 1443, on order of Cosimo the Old.

The castle was the summer residence of Medici's family; Lorenzo de' Medici really loved this building: he spent there all his adolescence, hosting his humanist philosophers.

In 1537, the Villa became property of duke Cosimo I, who enlarged it with an extensive shooting ground, where Cosimo's children Francesco I and Ferdinando I stayed during the Autumn season. In 16th century, the Castle underwent further changes, adding in the back of the building a part with a loggia.

In 1864, Cafaggiolo Castle was sold to Borghese princes, who did radical changes with demolishing the rear tower, burying the fosse and building a large arc in the walls.

Despite many changes throughout the years, the Villa still conserves the original elements created by Michelozzo (the decorative motifs on the doors, the capitals and corbels in stone decorations) as well as the old stables of 16th century.

A Crest

A Crest of the Castle of Cafaggiolo, Barcerino di Mugello

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Nowadays, visitors have free access to the Castle, whre many events, conferences, fashion shows, cooking courses, weddings and other ceremonies, and Renaissance entertainment shows are held.
Address: Via Nazionale 16, Barberino di Mugello
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Reinassance shows, historical cooking courses, banquets, meetings.

Opening hours for visits and bookshop:

From 15th April to 15th October
Wednesday and Friday: 14:30-18:30
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From 16th October to 14th April
Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 10:00-12:30 / 14:30-18:30

Visits in other hours by appointment.

The Castle of Cafaggiolo, Barcerino di Mugello, MugelloPhoto Credits


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