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This church is placed on the road leading to Montecuccoli and it is notable for its elegant façade loggia dating back to 1470. Inside visitors can marvel at the baptismal font made of gold and white earthenware, illustrating the stories of St John the Baptist.

Its building dates back to 11th century and has a high architectural quality.

The elegant loggia façade dates back to 1470 (as evidenced by the writing outside the vicarage: "HOC OPUS FEC.FIERI D.F.G.P. HUIUS ECCLESIE/MCCCCLXX"), and it is totally made of stone and white plaster, with clear references to the opera of Brunelleschi, the Cappella Pazzi in Florence. The hand of the artist can be found also in the cloister arcade supported by columns with ionic capitals, very similar to those of St. Lorenzo Cloister in Florence.

The beze situated on the portal preserves a fascinating fresco painting by Bartolomeo of Giovanni: "Christ in pity".

Near the parish, we also find Villa Cattani, full of different family arms.

Information and Opening hours
Open on Sundays during the mess celebration time: 10:30-12:00 am.
Address: Via della Prata, Loc. Sant'Andrea a Camoggiano, Barberino di Mugello


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