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Church of SS. Jacopo and Maria

Church of SS. Jacopo and Maria a Cavallina, Mugello

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The present aspect of the church is of the 18th century. Inside it there are conserved a Perugino's table of the 16th century and a Taddeo Gaddi's Madonna. In the adjacent oratory it is painted an Assumption attributed to the scholars of Pontormo's school.

On a hill view from Bilancino Lake, there’s the little village of Cavallina, where visitors can find the church of St Jacopo and Mary. It is easily reachable from the road called "Via della Chiesa" ("road of the church").

Once, the church has origins in the one of S. Maria a Latera, where there was the homonymous castle of Cattani from Combiate, destroyed in 1352.

The Parish was destroyed and moved to its present site in 1516, and it was linked to the old oratory of St. Jacopo, which was built a century before by Giugni's family, whose arm is affixed on a tabernacle of stone inside the church (made by Mino from Fiesole).

In 18th century, further changes gave to the church its current appearance; as a matter of fact, we can see a large façade preceded by an ample lodge including both the most current entrance to the oratory and the old rectory.

Indoor, some notables works are preserved: a painting of "The Virgin and the Child", "St. Anna, the Virgin and the child and two saints", and a "Virgin" made by Taddeo Gaddi.

The Parish has just one barrel-vaulted nave, plastered and decorated. On the left it’s possible to marvel at a "Virgin" dating back to 14th century, probably created by Bernardo Daddi and coming from The Church of Santa Maria a Latera.

Information and Opening hours
The mess celebration are held regularly and the Church is open to visits and worship.
Phone: 055 842 0035


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