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San Bartolomeo a Galliano

Pieve of San Bartolomeo a Galliano

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Situated in the area of Galliano, this church has very ancient origins. It was renovated in 1800, inside it has a Tito Chini's fresco.

Recently chosen by the popstar Madonna for the filming of her latest video, this church has very ancient origins. Built in 1163 to be a monastery, the current building dates back to 1845-1847. Later, it was rebuilt on decision of Ubaldini's family because of its poor conditions.

The interiors have a single nave covered by trusses and there are three windows, two of which are walled. Near the main entrance, you can find two fonts dating back to the 17th century; on the right, a marble baptismal font dating back to 1332.

Among the several works preserved in the church, there are some very important ones, such as a painting table with the "Virgin and the Child", created by Margaritone D'Arezzo and an altarpiece from the middle of the 11th century, depicting the "Virgin and the Child eighth four Saints", probably from the church of St. Stefano in Rezzano (also known for this reason as the "Virgin of Rezzano"); the dome was painted by Tito Chini.

In the Oratory it is preserved an altarpiece symbolizing the "Annunciation", which we think was made by Ghirlandaio.

Information and Opening hours
The mess celebration are held regularly and the Church is open to visits and worship.
Address: Piazza IV Novembre 1, Galliano
Phone: 055 842 8030


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