Humidity: 56%

Wind: 12.87 km/h

Mugello by Bike: On the footsteps of the great cyclists

The path length is not extraordinary (66.4 km) but it requires a good level of preparation. Inclusive of a double ascent of the Passo della Futa, this excursion is over 900 meters above sea level. Due to the length of the climb is advisable to fit on the bike light ratios (39/25).

The record of this climb was established in 1995 by Francesco Casagrande: 25'32'' 11.

Following in the footsteps of the famous bicycle race that takes place in Mugello until a few years ago (the chrono-climbing Barberino-Futa Pass), this excursion departs from Barberino di Mugello.

On the road to Futa Pass we overcome a sequentially of small but characteristic town: San Gavino, Montecarelli, Santa Lucia, Monte di Fo and The Apparita.

Reach at the Futa Pass we can make a stop on the long wall, built time ago to repair wagons and travellers from the wind, and where stands the plate reminding Gastone Nencini, greatest cyclist of the 50s/60s.

On the left the German flag reminiscent of the presence of one of the largest German war cemeteries in Italy, witness the clashes on these lands.

After climbing the Futa Pass we continue towards Bologna, along a considerable stretch of ups and downs. After the village of The Covigliaio, we turn in the direction of Firenzuola, the city of stone. Reached the valley floor we move back to the Futa Pass.

Returning to Barberino di Mugello, we walk the same road, turning to Panna (where is the eponymous source of water).

This stretch of hills bordered by forest and characterized by the almost total absence of cars, directs us to Galliano, where we continue to Barberino di Mugello, passing through the road along the artificial but gorgeous Bilancino Lake.


Mugello: the green rolling hills surrounding Florence offer many resources not only for nature lovers, but also for people who love sport, shopping and engines. All this in a single and beautiful land.