Humidity: 56%

Wind: 12.87 km/h

Mugello by Bike: On the Hills of Mugello

Of great landscape value,  this route covers a total of 54.4 km, a distance that requires some training. The route is of medium difficulty, with features that affect slopes greater than 15%. The route is characterized by quiet roads and sparsely urbanized, is also excellent for training.

Almost completely surrounded by greenery, this route has the distinction of bringing us back to mind the past, the pre-industrial era.

The witnesses of a past agricultural farms, surrounded by extensive fields, traffic almost non-existent and the narrow country lanes, send us peace and serenity.

From the village of Vicchio, passing through the small town of Sagginale, we head towards the Salaiole, where the scarcity of housing and traffic gives us the impression that time has stopped.

After leaving the village of Poggiolo, begins the stretch of road uphill (slope between 10% and 15%), passing through Polcanto, will lead us to Vetta Le Croci, where we take the road to Bivigliano. Here we enter a dense forest to the junction with the detour to Monte Senario (on the top of which stands one of the most important sanctuaries of Tuscany, built in 1234).

Departed Bivigliano, we leave civilization for surround back chestnut and clearings. A narrow and bumpy road back us to Polcanto, where we return to the road that will take us back to Vicchio.


Mugello: the green rolling hills surrounding Florence offer many resources not only for nature lovers, but also for people who love sport, shopping and engines. All this in a single and beautiful land.