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Sant'Agata is a small village located in the western part of Mugello area, nearby the town of Scarperia.
We don't know much about its origin, but surely it's linked with its topographic position (near a pass on the Appennine Mountains called “Passo dell'osteria Bruciata”). This little village also keeps intact traces of  Etruscan, Roman and Lombard civilizations.

 Between 11th and 12th century,  Sant'agata was a rural village located near the two main roads taking to the city of Bologna. Such roads were guarded by two castles: Ascianello castle (destroyed in 1260 by Florence’s Ghibellini), and Montaccianico castle, which firstly was Ubaldini's stronghold, then a shelter for politicians exiles (also the famous writer of the “Divine Comedy”, Dante), and finally destroyed in 1302 on order of Florentine Republic.
Therefore, the current village is the one built in the Middle Ages, and still nowadays preserving its old charm.

Talking about Sant'agata we can't forget tell about another little village: the one of  “Leprino”.

Leprino is the name that people living in Sant'Agata use to identify Faliero Lepri, the author of “Artisans' and Peasants' life”, an exhibition that visitors can permanently marvel at the village.

This exhibition is born about 50 years ago when, in the occasion of celebrations, was used to decorate shops windows. That's when Faliero had the idea of creating something “different” with his own hands, something linked to his small town and life.. That's when “the Wake”, the first scene of this timeless “small world”, rose.

This is an incredible world of little men with their little tools, little houses and little places: those of Sant'Agata's village. Even the characters represent the old artisans, who really lived in this village, and still today are reminded by old people.

Sixty-five 70 cm-tall wood characters, which move according to their function.

Here is the knife grinder sharpening a knife; the barber strapping a razor on a leather's stripe;
women cleaning up the kitchen, while outside two policemen are arresting a rascal.

The whole old village with his citizens still lives there in those little rooms of the Polivalente of Sant'Agata.

The exhibition is open to the public every day from 13,30 to 6,30 pm (in Summer)- and from 3,00 to 6,00 pm (in Winter); it's also possible to book your visit: tel. +39-055-8406750.


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